Terra Firma Development Corporation aspires to be a solid and positive corporate citizen within the local and broader community in which it interacts and operates. TFDC will encourage and participate in meaningful communications with friends and neighbours near and around its development to provide updates and seek feedback as follows:


Identify, liaise with and collaborate with institutions/organizations that manage and/or provide products and services to our development and within the greater community.


Coordinate with the local committees and communities in the West [and East] Hants Municipalities to keep them informed of local issues and activities with which they may be affected.


Encourage and facilitate the involvement of TFDC in activities with organizations and community members that can make a positive impact in the community.

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We're a proud supporter of Nova Scotia's Turnaround Achievement Awards program.

Turnaround Achievement Awards

Over 20 years ago, the staff of Kingswood Park in New Brunswick attended a conference in the United States where they learned about the Turnaround Achievement Awards program. Students have always been awarded for academic, athletic and artistic achievements, but as the Kingswood staff learned, this unique program provided the opportunity for students who have overcome personal and educational challenges to be rewarded for their triumph. The program was brought to New Brunswick just two years later. It has since been a major success in rewarding those who have struggled, but made strides in personal behaviour, attitude and academics, as over 910 students have been honoured and over $354,000 in scholarship funding has been awarded.


Beginning in 2015, Nova Scotia’s first Turnaround Achievement Awards program was introduced by Terra Firma Development Corporation and the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board in the West Hants school district. Seven deserving students, as well as teachers, family and community members, gathered to celebrate and honour those students who have successfully¬†turned their lives around. In addition to these awards, the graduating student receives a $1,000 scholarship to be put towards their post-secondary education. Now the program spans across West and East Hants in hopes to continue this growth across the province.

Each coming year, the program will continue to grow to honour students throughout the province for their triumph and success in turning their lives around.

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ABOVE: The recipients of Nova Scotia’s 2019¬† Turnaround Achievement Awards

ABOVE: The recipients of Nova Scotia’s 2018¬† Turnaround Achievement Awards

ABOVE: The recipients of Nova Scotia’s 2017 Turnaround Achievement Awards



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