About us

Our Integrated Approach

Terra Firma Development Corporation recognizes that planning and development is a collaborative process and we work closely to develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with the local surroundings.

Our team brings together a wealth of expertise in internationally-recognized developments and have extensive knowledge in the master planning of large-scale residential, commercial and mixed-use developments with particular focus on environmental sustainability looking to utilize local resources and minimize their carbon footprint..


The Forest Lakes Country Club Development represents the first fully-serviced, sustainable, 21st Century residential community in Atlantic Canada, designed to provide the full suite of modern municipal services in a rural setting, while minimizing the environmental footprint of the community on the pristine natural environment.

- Richard W. Stephenson, Senior Water Resources Engineer and Manager of Municipal Engineering, WSP Canada Inc.

Site Development

TFDC has been working diligently for a few years already; collaborating with the municipality, government agencies, engineers, planners and architects to shape the vision of Forest Lakes Country Club.

Numerous studies in areas such as environment, geology, transportation and water have been completed in and around the Forest Lakes community. We bring together local, regional and international professionals to ensure that our projects are developed to the highest international standards.

Terra Firma works closely with a group of local professionals and contractors, as well as its own personnel with decades of experience, to build the roads, infrastructure, homes and buildings that will become the Forest Lakes community.

Forest Lakes is being designed to integrate with the greater community around it - to become part of the social fabric.


Best Land Usage

Site Design

Master Planning

Infrastructure Planning

Environmental Planning


Sustainable Energy Management

Waste Management

Sustainable Building Design

In addition to the residential development, our design concepts and projects include recreational facilities such as golf, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, several kilometres of trails, and sufficient commercial components to support the basic needs and conveniences of the residents

Dimensioning and Capacities

Site analysis and Assessment

Preparation of Rezoning Petitions

Development Permits

Subdivision Process

Archeological Studies

Environmental Studies

Geological Studies

Water and Sewerage Studies

Transportation Studies

With an emphasis on locally-sourced materials and companies, we demand the highest-quality workmanship and eco-friendly materials in order to provide our clients with homes and amenities within Forest Lakes, befitting of a world-class resort community.

Product Definition

High-Energy Efficiency

Project Management

Technical Supervision